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Tooth Extraction

Atlantis, FL family dental practice handles most tooth extractions

The team at Atlantis Dental Care works hard to help you keep your teeth for life. Sometimes, though, having a tooth removed is in the best interest of your oral health and overall wellness. Our dentists perform most tooth extractions at our Atlantis, FL office, without need for referral to an oral surgeon.

When to consider extraction

  • An area of untreated decay may become too large to repair.
  • If a large piece breaks off or there is breakage below the gum line, the tooth cannot be repaired with a filling or crown.
  • When trauma or decay allows bacteria to reach blood vessels and nerves at the center of a tooth, root canal therapy or extraction is necessary to relieve pain and prevent infection from spreading to other tissues.
  • Advanced gum disease destroys connective tissue and bone that stabilizes teeth. They get loose and must be removed if they don’t fall out.
  • If only a few teeth remain in an arch, you may choose to have them removed in preparation for a full denture.
  • In most cases, crowding caused by a small arch or large teeth can be corrected with orthodontics, but in some instances a good outcome requires extractions.
  • Compromised immune system – For the individual undergoing chemotherapy, who has had an organ transplant, or with an immune system disorder, a dental infection can be life-threatening. Extraction of an at-risk tooth may be recommended.
  • Wisdom teeth – Some third molars become impacted in bone or soft tissue, come in crooked, cause infection or mouth pain, or crowd healthy teeth. Extraction is a sound choice.

Gentle procedure

With planning, anesthetic, special instruments, and a gentle touch, we make extraction as non-traumatic as possible. You will likely feel some pressure as the tooth is lifted from its socket, but little or no pain during the procedure. Thorough aftercare instructions are provided to avoid complications and aid in speedy healing. Most patients can go back to work the day after a single extraction, with full healing in about two weeks.

If you have an extraction, you have multiple tooth replacement options at Atlantis Dental Care. Contact us at (561) 220-7323.

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