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Our Advanced Laser Services

At Atlantis Dental Care, we proudly utilize the Fotona LightWalker, the world’s fastest-cutting laser. This advanced technology allows our dentists to gently clean out most cavities without the need for drills or shots. With this state-of-the-art care, we can treat a variety of dental issues effectively and easily.

Find out why the Fotona LightWalker is revolutionizing the dentistry field and how it can benefit your smile.

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Dynamic Laser Treatment

We use this minimally invasive, high-performance laser to preserve as much of your natural tissue as possible when performing various treatments. Our highly experienced dentists can use this laser for:

  • Cavity preparation
  • Root canal therapy
  • Sleep apnea care
  • Skincare and wrinkle removal
  • Removal of lesions
  • Tissue sealing
  • Modification of dentin and enamel

Laser Dentistry Benefits

With our Fotona LightWalker, you’ll experience a variety of benefits you won’t find with other technologies, including:

  • Accuracy
  • Painless
  • No chemicals
  • Promotes healing
  • Most patients won’t need an anesthetic
  • Great for kids

Experience the Difference at Atlantis Dental Care

With our Fotona LightWalker laser, Atlantis Dental Care is able to provide you with minimally invasive procedures that produce high-quality results for a variety of dental treatments. We’re proud to offer our advanced technology for the entire family, ensuring better dental care. If you’re ready to improve your dental experience, call our Atlantis practice today at (561) 965-9988 to schedule your consultation.

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