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Teeth Whitening

Smiles in Atlantis, FL gleam with professional teeth whitening

When you meet someone new, they are likely to notice your smile first and remember that feature most readily. Make it memorable for the right reasons, with professional teeth whitening. The hygiene team at Atlantis Dental Care loves the big grins they get when patients in the Atlantis, FL area see their bright smiles for the first time.

Why not DIY?

Every drug and big-box store has an aisle of teeth whitening products. Some remove surface stains with abrasion, but that damages enamel adding to the problem in the long term as pigments hide in the scratches. Others contain a bleaching solution, but the strength is not sufficient to lift most stains, and application methods are sloppy. Many people are tempted to overuse, resulting in sensitivity.

Professional whitening ensures safe treatment with the oversight of an experienced dentist and hygienist. We use medical grade ingredients available only by prescription, with precise application. Special steps can be taken if you experience sensitivity.

Sparkling choices

  • In-office whitening is a good choice for a brighter smile – right now! The procedure takes about an hour for a dramatic change. This treatment is popular before a job interview, big date, class reunion, or family get-together.
  • For at-home whitening, we take impressions of your mouth to create application trays. These smooth plastic trays fit snugly to keep the whitening agent in place and uncontaminated by saliva. Wear the trays about an hour a day or while you sleep until teeth reach the desired level of brilliance. Then re-treat periodically to maintain results.
  • Combination treatment is a convenient way to get a white smile fast and keep it that way indefinitely. After your in-office whitening, use an at-home system once a week or as directed by the dentist.

Smile bright for life!

Our team genuinely wants you to have a healthy, attractive smile. We reward good dental habits with a Lifetime Teeth Whitening program. Just keep regular appointments for cleaning and checkup to earn free at-home teeth whitening gel refills. It is our way of saying “thank you,” for being a great ambassador for Atlantis Dental Care. Call (561) 220-7323 to get started

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