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Orthodontics treatment from trusted Atlantis, FL dentist

There are plenty of reasons to consider orthodontics. Straight teeth look terrific. They improve your oral health by reducing cracks and crevices where harmful bacteria flourish, and your whole-body wellness through improved digestion. You smile more confidently and speak more clearly with straight teeth. Orthodontic treatment is as close as the dentist you known and trust in Atlantis, FL – D r. Yagi Patel at Atlantis Dental Care.

How teeth are moved

Braces don’t just push and pull teeth. A tooth is scientifically repositioned by applying consistent pressure to the root, via the crown. This compresses the periodontal ligament, a stabilizing connective tissue, on one side, creating a bit of space on the other side. Bone cells called osteoclasts absorb bone on the compressed side, and osteoblasts build new bone to fill the space, thus realigning the tooth.

In experienced hands, there is no need for extreme force. Results are not faster, and aggressive treatment can damage roots.

Options to suit your smile

Crooked teeth are a common cause of TMJ problems; chipped, cracked, and worn teeth; and a distorted facial appearance. Dr. Patel understands that your situation is unique. She provides orthodontic options for children’s developing mouths, teens, and adults. These methods effectively address alignment and bite issues, while accommodating your budget, schedule, and lifestyle.

  • Conventional braces – Brackets and wires may be the best choice for severely crooked teeth or significant bite issues. Average treatment time is 18 months to 3 years.
  • Invisalign – A series of transparent plastic aligner trays moves teeth gently. Aligners are virtually invisible, and you remove them to eat normally, and brush and floss. A typical treatment plan is completed in about a year.
  • ClearCorrect – This is also a clear aligner system that can be more economical. ClearCorrect aligners are fabricated with 3D printing technology and made in America.
  • Post-treatment care – Dr. Patel fits you with a retainer, either bonded or removable, to maintain your beautifully straight smile indefinitely.

It is exciting to talk about your options for straight teeth! Call Atlantis Dental Care at (561) 220-7323 to schedule an orthodontic treatment consultation with Dr. Patel in Atlantis, FL.

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