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Dental Implants

Dental implants: The standard of care in Atlantis, FL for missing teeth

A missing tooth has an enormous impact on the appearance of your smile. Multiple missing teeth impair speech. Without a whole arch of teeth (or any), diet is drastically limited. Dental implants have become the preferred treatment method. Atlantis Dental Care makes this contemporary tooth replacement option available to patients in the Atlantis, FL area.

Part of your body

Instead of sitting on top of gum tissue, a dental implant resides in the jawbone just like the root of a natural tooth, providing vital stimulation to preserve bone. The oral surgery is brief and well-planned, requiring only a small soft tissue incision. The titanium implant is placed, and over time, bone fuses with it. The implant becomes a secure foundation for a dental restoration.

Many choices

  • Single implant – Once healing is complete, a post is fitted into the implant to hold a beautiful porcelain crown. The new tooth looks, feels, and functions normally.
  • Multiple implants – Missing teeth at various location in the mouth, or even an entire arch may be restored with implants. Is the cost of many implants a concern? Keep reading for other options.
  • Implant bridge – A dental bridge holds one or several artificial teeth in place with crowns on adjacent teeth. With an implant bridge, anchor crowns are placed on implants rather than reducing healthy tooth structure. Up to five teeth in a row can be restored with just two implants.
  • Implant denture – Several dental implants (in some cases, just four) can be placed to securely stabilize a full denture, for comfort and for confident chewing, speaking, and smiling. We can retrofit an existing denture to work with implants.
  • Mini implant – These smaller diameter implants are specially-designed for immediate loading. This type of implant can be completed right away with a crown. Mini implants can be placed and loaded on the day of extraction; an excellent choice for the denture patient who does not want to be seen without teeth.

Dental implants are an exciting advance in dentistry, for the quality of life enhancement they bring to patients. Call Atlantis Dental Care at (561) 220-7323 to schedule an implant consultation.

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