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Atlantis, FL area dentist explains technology and benefits of one day dental crowns

Single visit dental crowns

In a conventional dental office, ceramic restorations such as dental crowns required extensive time to complete from start to finish. However, at Atlantis Dental Care, patients can speak with Dr. Yagi Patel and her team about metal-free restorations that are completed in just one day. Our dentist explains to patients the benefits and technology used in creating one-day restorations in the Atlantis, FL area to restore broken teeth and improve teeth shape.

What are single visit crowns?

Single visit crowns are restorations that are used to enhance or repair the smile in a natural-looking way. Crowns are porcelain “caps” that are custom-made to cement over a tooth to offer it an extra layer of protection and strength. They are often needed when patients have teeth that:

  • Are broken or chipped
  • Have large cavities or fillings
  • Are missing and have dental implants in place
  • Are unusually shaped or discolored
  • Teeth that are root canaled

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Same day restorations are achieved using CAD/CAM technology and digital impressions. Patients no longer must worry about messy impressions or having to wait one to two weeks for their restorations. Now, they can have preparations, creation, and placement all done during a single appointment and in about two hours. This revolutionizes the way patients restore their smiles with a dental professional.

What is the process of obtaining a crown?

When patients are told they can benefit from the placement of a dental crown, they start with their dentist in preparing the tooth, which may require filing down natural tooth enamel. Then, images are taken with a special digital camera and transferred to a milling machine, where the crown is fabricated in approximately forty minutes while patients wait. The final porcelain crown is cemented in place and completed during the same visit.

Are dental crowns right for you?

Now is a great time to contact Dr. Yagi Patel and the team at Atlantis Dental Care to book an appointment and learn more about the advantages of our same visit dental restorations. Call (561) 220-7323 today and visit the practice conveniently located at 5851 South Congress Avenue in Atlantis, FL. We welcome patients interested in visiting a dentist who explains the benefits and technology of one day/single visit dental crowns.


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