Complete Checkups

The American Dental Association recommends you see your dentist at least twice a year for a comprehensive dental exam or "checkup." Maintaining your oral health is crucial to avoiding pain, tooth loss and expensive restorative dentistry procedures. Atlantis Dental Care will provide a complete checkup to determine any potential problems such as tooth decay, cracks and gum disease.

With a comprehensive exam every six months, we can detect and manage small dental problems before they grow into more complicated issues. Untreated cavities can grow rapidly and destroy an entire tooth. A cracked tooth may break off if not discovered and corrected, and gum disease can advance if not detected early. We offer oral cancer screenings as part of your comprehensive exam. Advanced gum disease can cause tooth loss and lead to serious health issues such as oral cancer, which causes more than 7,500 deaths each year. Detecting such problems early is essential in controlling them. Here at Atlantis Dental Care, we use digital x-rays for a visual examination. Offering superior resolution with less radiation exposure, the digital x-ray is an excellent new way to help diagnose possible oral problems. Digital x-rays not only emits half the amount of radiation associated with traditional x-rays, but are also much less time consuming. Using a sensor that is placed in your mouth in the correct position, the pictures are taken and immediately sent to our computer. We can then review the information with you right from the computer screen.

Like comprehensive exams, dental cleanings are necessary for protecting oral tissue and preventing disease. Children over the age of four or five should visit their dentist for professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. The objective of a professional dental cleaning is to remove substances like plaque and tartar, polish teeth and make sure that gingival tissue is healthy. If gum disease is discovered, we may recommend a deep gum cleaning to eliminate bacteria deep below the gum line. Here at Atlantis Dental Care, we provide comfortable dental cleanings, specifically to detect, deter and prevent gum disease.

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Our Happy Patients

"Top notch experience! Very nice staff and facilities, i had a dental cleaning and it went perfectly; would definitely recommend, 100%."

Manuel T. Manuel T.

"I went to this office with my children. We all received an outstanding service. The staff could not be more friendly and helpful. The cleaning was superb, and the doctor was thorough on her explanation of recommended future work."

Rosanna H. Rosanna H.

"I am fairly new to Atlantis Dental Care but I came into the office with a lot of work to get done. Like a literal checklist. Dr. Patel has been knocking them off the list one by one and we're really making progress together. She has an excellent bedside manner and she's warm and friendly. I've had the exact same experience with the other staff. Everyone is very warm and a welcoming, would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a dentist."

Tonya R. Tonya R.
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