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Root Canals

Atlantis, FL patients keep their teeth with root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is not painful. This fact may be surprising because of the misconception spread by media and exaggerated horror stories of others – many of whom have not even experienced the procedure! Root canal therapy relieves the pain of a dental infection and is usually the only alternative to extraction. We hope you never need root canal treatment, but if you do, you can count on gentle care at our Atlantis, FL office.

When is root canal therapy needed?

Anytime nerves and blood vessels inside a tooth become infected or inflamed. The cause of this infection could be:

  • Untreated decay that eats it way to the pulp chamber.
  • Repeated dental work on a tooth. The cumulative effect of drilling can injure nerves.
  • A chip or crack that allows harmful bacteria to penetrate pulp.
  • Trauma to the tooth (such as a blow to the face) with no visible damage. This problem may surface months or years after the incident.

The tooth or area around it may feel tender when you bite down. You could have unusual sensitivity to hot and cold or sweet, or a toothache that comes and goes. When infection builds pressure inside the tooth or inflamed nerves, pain is acute. Your face swells and an abscess may develop on gum tissue.

Precise procedure

Root canal therapy is similar to getting a filling. The precision work just takes a little longer. While a root canal procedure can fail (require retreatment or extraction at a later date), our extreme attention to detail supports a very good success rate.

Job one is getting you out of discomfort. The tooth is thoroughly numbed, bringing almost immediate relief. Damaged structure is removed, and the pulp chamber is opened, alleviating pressure. Using special endodontic instruments, the dentist removes infection, blood vessels, and nerves from the pulp chamber and canals that extend into tooth roots. The opening is sterilized and sealed. Then the tooth is protected with a temporary restoration. You return in several weeks to have a strong porcelain crown cemented in its place.

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