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Atlantis, FL dentists explain the benefits of root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a treatment that preserves the tooth and restores oral health. Contact Dr. Yagi Patel at Atlantis Dental Care in Atlantis, FL

Tooth pain or sensitivity is often a sign of a problem such as decay or trauma to the tooth. For some patients, root canal therapy may be recommended to preserve the natural tooth and the health of the mouth. Although root canals have a bad reputation and sound painful, it is time to throw away the misconceptions. Using gentle care, the team at Atlantis Dental Care in Atlantis, FL offers root canal therapy on the anterior teeth.

The root canal does not cause pain. If your dentist recommends a root canal procedure, chances are you are already experiencing pain from an infection, inflammation, or decay. This treatment is performed to relieve pressure from the infection, to remove decay or damage, and to maintain your oral health. X-rays are used to show the location of the damage. The damage is removed efficiently before the tooth is sterilized and filled with a special material. Because the pressure is relieved, and the decay is removed, your symptoms ease as the tooth heals.

Benefits of root canal therapy

Your dentist’s goal is to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible to maintain your oral health. With root canal therapy, the objective is to save your tooth, not to extract it. The area is thoroughly numbed. The roots for front teeth are generally straight with only one canal. The dentist removes the damaged section and cleanses the canals. Bacteria are eliminated. The roots remain intact. The roots keep the bone healthy and the adjacent teeth from shifting. Root canal therapy keeps bacteria from spreading and maintains a patient’s health.

There are many misconceptions and myths about root canals. Root canal therapy comes with numerous benefits for oral and overall health.

  • The treatment is not painful. As your mouth heals, any previous discomfort or pressure should subside.
  • Root canal therapy on an anterior tooth preserves the natural tooth and root.
  • Infection and bacteria are removed.
  • A root canal is safe and effective.
  • With good oral hygiene, the results of the procedure are long-lasting.

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