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Dental fillings keep Atlantis, FL smiles bright

Our society places high value on a naturally bright smile, since strong white teeth are an indication of good health. Why tell the world you have had cavities with a mouthful of silver, when fillings can blend beautifully with your smile? The dentists at Atlantis Dental Care offer cosmetic dental fillings at their Atlantis, FL practice.

How cavities occur

Hundreds of strains bacteria exist in your mouth. Some are beneficial, but others feed on sugars and starches left behind by your meals. As they eat they produce acids that etch holes in tooth enamel. The body’s natural remineralization processes attempt to “heal” tiny holes. However, pinpoint decay can progress quickly. If decay is not detected and treated early, you could need root canal therapy or extraction.

Our office emphasizes prevention to help you avoid the need for a filling.

With . . .

  • Healthy nutrition
  • Good home hygiene
  • Regular cleanings and checkups
  • Topical fluoride
  • Dental sealants

. . . a child may never know what it is like to have a cavity or get a filling. Of course, tooth decay can occur at any age. Adults are at an increased risk of cavities from smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and certain illnesses and medications. Grown-ups need a cavity prevention strategy, too!

Composite fillings

Traditionally, fillings were made of amalgam, an alloy of metals bound into a malleable compound with mercury. The material is strong, but the appearance is obvious and unnatural. We use composite resin bonding material. This blend of plastic and finely powdered glass (for a naturally-pearly look) is shaded to match existing dentition seamlessly. Modern composites are very strong and durable, suitable even for the bite force on molars. Because composite fillings are bonded in place – not pressed like amalgam – there is less chance of failure and the preparation process conserves healthy tooth structure.

Composite bonding material is versatile. It can also be used for economical cosmetic enhancements such as closing gaps between teeth, repairing chips and fractures, and masking discoloration.

Call the dental team that helps you avoid cavities and offers natural-looking dental fillings – Atlantis Dental Care in Atlantis, FL – (561) 220-7323

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